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The Institute Dates are: May 6 - 10, 2024 in St. Cloud at a New Location! The newly renovated Holiday Inn & Suites located at 75 S 37th Avenue, St. Cloud, MN.

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Year 1 MMCI Roles and Relationships Handout 2024.pdf

Year 1 Building Relationships with Decision Makers.pdf

Year 1 Effective Interpersonal Comm in Stressful Handout.pdf

Year 1 Effective Listening Handout.pdf

Year 1 Elections Training Presentation.pdf

Year 1 MMCI Story Problem.xlsx

Year 1 License Process Handout.pdf

Year 1 Fund Accounting and Budget Preparation - MMCI 2024.pdf

Year 1 Minnesota Property Tax Presentation.pdf

Year 1 Working with Fire Depts Presentation Troy Walsh (1).pdf

Year 1 MMCI Minute Taking, Meetings, Parliamentary Procedure Amber Eisenschenk.pdf

Year 1 Pages from Minnesota-Mayors-Handbook.pdf

Year 1 Pages from Minnesota-Mayors-Handbook-2.pdf

Year 1 Intergenerational Comm Handout.pdf

Year 1 The-Statutory-City.pdf

Year 1 The-Home-Rule-Charter-City.pdf

Year 1 Public Purpose Expenditures - League of Minnesota Cities.pdf

Year 1 Meetings-of-City-Councils.pdf

Year 1 Manderschied OML May 6, 2024 presentation.pdf

Year 1 Key Employment Law Training for New Clerks.pdf

Year 1 HR Issues Presentation.pdf

Year 1 Good-Start-to-Good-Governance.pdf

Year 1 Competitive-Bidding-Requirements-in-Cities.pdf

Year 1 Chapter 13D.pdf

Year 2 MMCI Legal Issues Handout 2024.pdf

Year 2 Effective Written Handout.pdf

Year 2 - Conflict of Interest Handout.pdf

Year 2 Clerks Institute Economic Development 2024.pdf

Year 2 Building Inspections Handout.pdf

Year 2 Local Designation vs National Register.pdf

Year 2 NR FAQs.pdf

Year 2 2021_Retention_Schedule Handout.pdf

Year 2 App Procurement Questionnaire Review Process Handout.pdf

Year 2 Data practices handout.pdf

Year 2 Guidelines for IT Use at MnDOT-v3.PDF

Year 2 Infrastructure_ARMA_MaturityModelPrinciplesQuestions_Participants.docx

Year 2 MnDOT blank retention form.xlsx

year 2 news tribune 2019.pdf

Year 2 Records Management Presentation.pdf

Year 2 Risk Management LMCIT Handout.pdf

Year 2 Conflict Management Handout.pdf

Year 2 Organizational Comm Parts 1 and 2 Handout.pdf

Year 2 Bonding and Other Financing Options Mike Bubany - 4.22.24.pdf

Year 2 Race Equity Intro Arianna Bloom HANDOUT.pdf

Year 2 Race Equity Intro Arianna Bloom SLIDES.pdf

2024 MMCI HR Session Year 2 SLIDES.pdf

2024 Year 2 HR attendee Handouts.pdf

Year 3 Influential Government Leaders Handout.pdf

Year 3 Tax Abatement Handout 1.pdf

Year 3 Tax Abatement Handout 2.pdf

Year 3 Tax Abatement Presentation.pdf

Year 3 Case Study River City 2025 Proposed Budget (1).xls

Year 3 Case Study - 2024.pdf

Year 3 Case Study COLOR River City zoning map 2024 (1).pdf

Year 3 Infrastructure Funding Presentation_MMCI.pdf

Year 3 Speak Up Public Speaking Handout Parts 1 and 2.pdf

Year 3 Minnesota Clerks Sustainable Planning Zoning 2024.pdf

General Program Description:
The Minnesota Clerks and Finance Officers Association (MCFOA) and St. Cloud State University’s Center for Continuing Studies invite you to participate in the Minnesota Municipal Clerks Institute (MMCI or Institute). The MMCI is a three-year continuing education program leading to professional accreditation. Each year the Institute consists of a required five day, 40 hour curriculum, for a total of 120 hours of programming over the three year period. Once participants have completed the mandatory 120 hour curriculum, they become graduates of the Institute. This is an exceptional and internationally accredited program, for which SCSU is the only authorized provider in Minnesota. The International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) has set forth the guidelines and accredits the Institute. Clerks successfully completing the three year Institute program are awarded 50 points toward the Education requirements of the Minnesota Certified Municipal Clerk (MCMC) designation.  Graduates must apply to the MCFOA for this certification, showing 25 points in the Experience category and 3 years of active membership in the MCFOA in addition to their 50 Education points. MMCI graduates can also apply for certification from the International Institute of Municipal Clerks for the Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC) designation which requires 60 points in Education and 50 experiences points with two years of active membership in the IIMC.


Why Attend?

The MMCI offers top-notch courses that are directly applicable to work in the field. Planned by a committee of accredited and experienced professionals, the program emphasizes professional development in the areas of public administration, social and interpersonal skills, and special topics central to emerging issues in the field. Specifically, Institute coursework focuses on the development of administrative knowledge, critical thinking skills, financial management, leadership abilities, social and interpersonal skills, and technical skills. Participants learn to view problems from multiple perspectives and to refine their problem solving techniques. Courses combine lecture, discussion, and hands-on training, and are taught by experts in the field with a focus on practical, how-to education. Utilizing accredited and experienced professionals allows the Institute to recognize the critical role of the municipal clerk in serving both large and small cities. No matter what size city, clerks are constantly learning how to adapt resources to meet greater demands. The Institute provides a valuable opportunity to help cities extend those resources. The MMCI provides an invaluable networking opportunity for discussion and idea sharing among clerks from throughout Minnesota (again, from municipalities of all sizes), thereby helping participants to build a network for problem solving that continues long after the formal sessions end. Building this resource network is an efficient and cost-effective way to help clerks with their professional growth. This training program strives to enhance the quality, professional competence and performance of municipal clerks in the state of Minnesota. The intent of training is to improve local governance and thus improve service to the local citizen. The Institute delivers the following outcomes: Participants will be well-versed in the theory and practice of their profession and learn how to keep abreast of new laws or changes affecting the profession. Participants will be able to apply what they have learned to their jobs. Participants will be able to gain insight into their profession through contact with instructors and through a network of experienced municipal clerks. Participants will be able to attain their CMC certification within three years if they have also obtained the IIMC required experience points and meet IIMC membership requirements. Graduates of the Institute can also apply for the designation of MCMC if they have also obtained the MCFOA required experience points and meet MCFOA membership requirements.




 ALL CURRICULUM HOURS ARE MANDATORY, AND REGISTRANTS WHO DO NOT COMPLETE THE REQUIRED CURRICULUM WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ADVANCE TO THE NEXT LEVEL TOWARDS GRADUATION.There is a strict adherence to punctuality in each session and no cell phone calls or texting are allowed in the classroom (devices are allowed for session materials only). Attendance will be tracked.In rare instances related to emergencies, excused absences are allowed if approved by the Institute Director. These excused absences will require a “makeup assignment” that is provided by the Institute Director (who will collaborate with the instructor prior to the end of the programming). PARTICIPANTS WHO FAIL TO COMPLY WITH ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY REQUIREMENTS WILL NOT RECEIVE A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION.


Contact Us:

Betsy Snyder - City of Milroy is our administrative assistant and can be reached at 

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